General Facility Maintenance

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Multiple Repairs, One Visit, Reducing Repair Response Times, Reducing Costs
Providing our customers with prompt, quality service always exceeding our customers' expecations. Guaranteed!

Electrical and Building Maintenance

Lumber Saws

Paint - Mixing / Tinting

Carpet Equipment - Wire and Carpet Racking

Cart Pushers

Floor Scrubbers and Floor Buffers

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Glass - Board up and Replacement

Motorized Shopper Carts - Amigo, Eagle, Mart Cart and Pride

Dock Equipment Maintenance

Pipe Threading Equipment

Shelving and Blind Cutters


Ladders - Rolling, Fixed, Safety, Stock Picking and Warehouse

Facility Tasks

Emergency Exit Alarms:



          Masonry Repair

         Display Set-Up

                 Locking Mechanisms

       CCTC Camera

               Intercom Servicing



Why replace when we can repair...
Extend the life of your equipment through proper maintenance!
DCI provides on-site welding for gate repairs and/or security enhancements.
We Have Your Solution
Our skilled staff has years of experience in the building trades. If an accident has you in need of glass, brick, drywall, or ceiling tile repair, Diversified Contractors, Inc. has the solution. We have the personnel to assemble custom product displays, sales stations, or set up special events.


Facility Emergency

Diversified understands that if the building cannot be secured, someone cannot go home.
Building security needs are treated with an utmost sense of urgency.
Whether it must be boarded or it can be repaired, we understand YOUR request is now OUR emergency.

Machine Emergency

Although the inability to secure your facility is an emergency, so is the loss of revenue from a machine failure.
Our response system is simple; 24 hours, 7 days a week service by calling our office. We have let technology work to better serve our customers. Not an answering service, but someone who has the authority and understanding to begin the solution process for your problem.
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