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Our staff has a variety of different backgrounds. We have built a reputation for solving the unsolvable. Our engineering and experienced trades staff have developed a variety of solutions for customer requests. Some examples of our creative solutions are shown below:

This system was installed to protect a wall where hi-lo equipment was being used. Obviously, the chosen system was not properly designed and was failing. By using a properly designed and installed system, we perform task ONCE. This guard is still in place at a customers warehouse and has been in service for over 8 years.

  Belle Isle Zoo project
This picture represents a face lift for the Belle Isle Zoo. We worked closely to develop a look the customer wanted. This was a three-dimensional sign utilizing a photo of an actual zoo tiger. 
If you have an idea, let's talk. We enjoy challenges and your ideas might be not as complicated as you think.

Dinosauria III - Royal Oak Michigan - Detroit Zoological Institute
The challenge was to organize and provide site work for the Dinosauria III, a temporary robotic animated dinosaur exhibit. Thirty-eight dinos were shipped from other displays from all over the country. Their weights were between 500 and 6000 pounds with lengths of up to 48'. The creatures were shipped via truck and trailer, but no dock facilities were available for unloading.
The event required establishment of a supply of compressed air and power from a central location to a 3.5 acre site.
We were responsible for the unloading and set up of these pneumatic computer controlled creatures.
We also provided site work, which included the construction of a waterfall, meteorite site, and air-conditioned tent store. 
  Dinosauria III
  Dinosauria III
  Dinosauria III

Belle Isle Zoo - Detroit, Michigan
Provide an insect repellant delivery system to protect the Mexican Wolf, a resident of the Detroit Zoo, where no electrical power was available, because the indigenous flies were irritating the animal's ears.
The solution was to provide a solar powered system via a solar array, back up battery, pump, product tank, and fine mist spray system to provide repellant coverage during entry to their housing.

  Small Waterfall
                      City Aquarium - Detroit, Michigan
Under water camera and monitoring system for visitor viewing of a river fish holding tank.
Proximity sensor displays for information boards with audio feedback.
Pump controls for several waterfalls.

Detroit Zoological Society - Royal Oak, Michigan
Electrical installation of transformers, panels, and power distribution points for a recurring holiday lighting display. 
Audio systems for visitor's tractor trains. 
A variety of fabrication concept ideas for butterfly emerging boxes and mammal housing. Built on site and shop assembled, monitored controls for pond fill levels, and retrofit access doors.
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